$57.9 billion

The gaming industry is a $57.9 billion global market, with a 13.4% projected CAGR through 2023.

Over 116,000 users on our application

We already have over 116,000 users on our application, using our multi-platform integration across Mobile (iOS and Android), Desktop, and Twitch (extension) and partnerships and promotions with Twitch, Fullscreen Media, Alienware, and Blerp all contributing to beat gaming industry-average user retention rates with the early user base. 


Our team includes experienced advisors and gamers who know how to connect gamers across international boundaries, breaking down cultural barriers through shared gaming experiences and community.

PvP was recently featured in Entrepreneur and IGN!

Rather than hunt for the best gaming stocks, consider thinking about the bigger picture. There is no single place that empowers gamers to pursue their aspirations of playing, streaming, improving, and socializing. Until now.”
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It will have the best of everything that gamers want: the chance to brag about their big wins, find out the latest gaming news, view the latest eSports matches, check out what’s popular, and coordinate with friends across games and platforms.”
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Reserve preferred social handle on PvP - (Ex. @FortniteFun).
Promoted Post on PvP (First 100) Promote your stream, your team or share your best clips. 
Custom NFT Profile Avatar (First 200).
Exclusive Limited Edition Profile Skin on PvP.
Magic Wand Internship Placement (place one intern at PvP in the next 5 years).
Direct Access to Product Development Round Table.
Come with the PvP team to Twitchcon in Amsterdam in 2022* (First 5 investors).

The First True Gamer Social Community

Get social across all of your gaming platforms. Invite your gaming clan across each one of your games and fully interact, connect, and grow together.

Stats from the Beta release of our mobile apps

MAU: Monthly Active Users


Registered Users


App Installs


User Growth Rate during Beta Phase


30 Day Retention Rate(27% Industry Average)


Squads Created


Average Engagement Time over mobile app average.

Desktop, Android, IOS, and Twitch Applications

Gamers and Streamers connect and engage through gamer-specific features like Squad Finder to build and join teams, our Twitch Extension for Streamers to engage their audience and grow their following, and build lifelong connections through real gamer community.

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Algorithmically matches gamers across games, platforms, skill level, and much more.

  • Build Your Own Squad
  • Find a Squad
  • Keep Your Squad for Life (the good ones)

Digital Gaming Growing 3X More Than Box Offices

2.7 billion gamers in the world need to connect with each other to pursue their individual aspirations of playing, streaming, and constantly improving. There is no single place that allows them to do so. Gaming and at-home entertainment is a massively growing industry. Previously, entertainment was nearly limited to live events and cinema experiences. However, in a changing environment, we welcome a surge of at-home gaming and entertainment.

Digital games and interactive media earned a record $120.1B in 2019, up 4% over 2018


Mobile Digital Gaming


PC Digital Gaming


Console Gaming


Gaming Video Content Interactive Media


XR Interactive Media

Beating out the $41 billion that movies took in at box offices across the world last year.

Total Addressable Market


2,690,000,000 users

Gamers Worldwide

Serviceable Addressable Market


562,210,000 users

Online, Multiplayer
Shooters, and Battle Royal

Serviceable Obtainable Market


21,560,754 users

North America,
Likely to adopt

With a growing need for social interaction, current competitors are disjointed in bringing together gaming communities across multiple platforms.




  • $102M in Revenue via $37M Users by 2024
  • 75% Subscription, 25% Advertising
  • 90% Gross Profit Margin

company roadmap

Q4 2020

  • Dev Team Moves On Shore
  • Beta Continues
  • Infrastructure

Q1 2021

  • CMO Hired
  • Significant Feature Improvements

Q2 2021

  • Web & App are Synchronized
  • New Features Unveiled
  • Team Moves Full Time
  • Influencer Partnerships

Q3 2021

  • URL Unleashed
  • New Features Unveiled
  • Monetization Groundwork
  • Increase Marketing Channels

Q4 2021

  • Internationalization Tech Build
  • Strategic Hires
  • First Revenue

YE 2022

  • Series A Complete
  • Focus on Product, Monetization, Growth
  • 2M Users
  • $4M in Revenue
Invest in PvP



  • Whole Team Goes Full-Time
  • Ramp to Series A Round 2022
  • User Acquisition
  • Monetization

Based on Amount Invested

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Phil Stover
2x Founder, Entrepreneur & Operator. Previous venture startup actively invests.
CTO & Co-Founder
Chris Gray
30 years building hyper-performing technology teams.
Jeeyan Rostam-Abadi
2019 American Business Awards Marketing Executive of the Year.
Gabriel D. Kruse
2x Founder.  Previous startup DUUL was a pioneer in esports competition platforms.
Marcella de Bie
Partner, streamer, influencer, and regular face on


CEO, Hawke Media
Erik Huberman
Forbes 30 Under 30
CEO, ZenGaming
Jimi Gecelter
Gaming Startup
CFO, Arrowiz Entertainment
Michael Chua
Gaming Startup

Join Phil Stover, CEO and Co-Founder of PvP, on Thursday, July 22nd, at 10 am PST for a live investor webinar!

During this webinar, Phil will talk about why PvP is filing a void in the gaming industry, current results, the future of the company, and answer investor questions. PvP is the first true gamer social community, with the mission to unite 2.7 billion gamers worldwide using the largest industry-specific social platform ever created where they meet, connect, build, improve, grow together, and get discovered by streaming to broader audiences.

There are a limited number of reservations available for this webinar -- reserve your spot today.


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